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Technical Features

The Ceres system provides you with the ability to accurately and efficiently manage and streamline your warehouse and inventory processes for either a single warehouse or multiple warehouse configuration. The system is easy to implement out of the box and is easily customizable for those situations that require more complex reporting and control features. The standard version of Ceres WMS comes with many standard features that are considered expensive addons for other similar systems including:​

Unlimited Products: Know what you have, where to find it, and all the steps it took from receiving to shipping.

Multiple warehouse inventory: Track your inventory in multiple warehouses.

Unlimited Customers & Vendors: View and manage inventory across all of your warehouse locations.

Product Traceability: Track both inbound and outbound items to ensure adherence with industry regulations and quality standards.

Bill of Materials: Create detailed BOMs for your products, enabling you to define the required raw materials, components, and sub-assemblies needed to manufacture finished goods.

Barcode creation & scanning: Barcodes for products, lots and locations.

Serial number & Lot number tracking: Track items by item number / barcode, lot, date of manufacture and date of expiration.

Electronic Workflow: A computerized approval process that ensures action items are not overlooked.

Predictive Future Stock Calculations & Reports: Predicts when to reorder based on your orders to vendors, customer orders and par stock levels.

Alerts & reminders: Management by exception: notification panel with items that need immediate attention.

Purchasing Management: Create purchase orders and generate the necessary documentation.  Track & compare to items received.

Customer Orders & Shipments: Create orders, reserve inventory (if available), generate documents and ship.

Documents & Images: Important business documents, including inventory receipts, orders, shipments, contracts, and more, can be conveniently stored in the database for quick access and retrieval. These documents may take the form of PDFs, photographs, or scanned images.

Contract fulfilment tracker: Track  progress of contracted amounts by customers.

Inventory Reports: Intelligence reports that can be manipulated by users to view different aspects of the business.

SOP Integration & Custom Help Files: Add your own SOPs and instructions to the most important screens of the program.

Marketing & Intelligence Reports: Customer ordering, history and patterns analysis. Ability to group products and compare by group.​

Custom Security: Create your own functional groups and assign users to them. Each group has its own view, edit and hide permission levels.

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